My attitude is based on how you treat me.

But, let’s be honest, not really!  We work in customer service so we have to talk in a pleasant tone and slap a smile on our faces.  If we’re not giving you an attitude why are you giving us one?  Did we cause your issue?  Was it us who recommended the incorrect product to you?  Did we paint your kitchen a color you don’t like?  Did we deliver your appliance late?  Are we the ones, at the manufacturer, taking too long to put your doors and windows together?  The answer to all of these questions is… NO!

Now, we understand, you’re here to complain.  Something went wrong, you are pissed (usually more pissed than the situation merits although there are exceptions) and you need to vent.  Technically, we represent the company.  Cool.  We get it.  However, after years of catching the shit for things that are nowhere near our fault we know how to treat other HUMAN BEINGS (not piles of garbage like you seem to think we are) in the customer service industry.  Personally, I usually begin voicing my frustration by saying the phrase, “Now, I know this isn’t your fault but,” and then I calmly dive into my issue.  Why is it that most of you feel the need to be as nasty as humanly possible to us? YOU are coming to ME for help!  Do you think I really give a crap about helping you when you’re talking to me like I’m a piece of trash?

Truth be told, there doesn’t even have to be an issue for you to have an attitude over.  Paying your store credit card bill?  Sure, just throw it at me.  Need me to look something up with your phone number?  Yeah, definitely come up expressionless and just start rattling off a number without even looking at me.  Paying for something?  Oh, sure, totally just slam the money down on the counter without saying a word.  Need the receipt I’m about to hand you?  Yes, rip it out of my hand and walk away.

Have you ever seen that meme where it says there should be a retail purge day where you can say whatever you want to customers and not get in trouble for it?  I think I’m just going to start hanging out at random store’s customer service counters.  My customer service brothers and sisters, you give me the eye and I will say what you’re thinking.  You may not be “allowed” to respond with what’s floating around in your brain but I know and I gotchu.

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