Filter Feed

You know when there are two lanes of traffic merging into one and you filter feed into the single lane?  Left lane, right lane, left lane, right lane, etc.  Why is this so freaking hard for people to do?!  It’s just common courtesy, folks!  I encounter this crap all of the time (honestly, I yell, “It’s called filter feeding!” more times than I’d like to admit) and let’s be clear, getting one more car ahead isn’t getting you anywhere any faster.  I love when someone insists on squeezing past me only to be just the car in front of me for the rest of my route.  Was it worth it, buddy?  No, you’re an asshole.  (I’m going to go ahead and assume that these are also the people who are also jackasses to employees in customer service positions, just by the way.)  I’m headed to work this morning and right after this one traffic light you have to merge two lanes into one and I could tell the car to my left did not want to let me in, after the car in front of him was able to smoothly transition, but I just ignored it like it wasn’t happening and assumed he would just concede.  Nope!  This guy forced himself right next to me so that we were, essentially, side-by-side in one lane to where I looked at him (through my closed window) and screamed, “SERIOUSLY?!?!?!” and threw my hands up in the air because, at this point, I was not going to give in on principle.  So, he finally lets me in but does so while giving me the finger and laying on his horn for, no joke, the next half a mile.  And when I turned into the parking lot of my job (and smiled and waved at him as he drove by me on my right) I was just thinking, gee, wasn’t it so worth making a giant deal over letting me into the goddamn lane?!?!  Ok, well, I’m over it now.  I knew this blog would be good for something, haha.

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